Virtual Reception

Our virtual reception service becomes your frontdesk, handling your incoming calls. All phone calls are answered in your company name which gives your customers confidence they are dealing with a professional company.

Virtual Reception

Phone answering / virtual reception service

We answer the phone - according to your instructions - in your company's name followed by a greeting specified. This could be for example:
"Company ABC, good morning/afternoon" or "Company XYZ, Sales Department"
Incoming calls are being answered immediately in a professional and friendly way. No matter how big (or small) your company actually is, the client will always be under the impression of doing business with a professional company. We can deal with low call volume and - as we know each business has its "peak times" - with higher call volumes. If you have a virtual phone number with us, this would support a number of simultaneous calls at the same time (5 calls at the same time, to be precise).

Call patching

Most clients wish us to forward calls to their specified numbers, be it your office, mobile or a temporary number. Because we assign a dedicated account manager for you and always try to have the same PA answer your calls, we quickly learn how your business works, regular callers habits and know whom to contact and where.

Call answering

First impressions lead to (positive or negative) decisions. Imagine a potential client found your website on the internet and calls you. Clients are more demanding in these days and if it takes ages to reach someone or - even worse - just get through to the answering machine chances are high the potential client goes somewhere else. Everybody knows some business tasks need your full attention and should not be interrupted, e.g. you are working hard on tight deadlines for a project or while being in meetings. This is when we are here to help.

Message taking

If we answer a call and cannot get through to you, we advise the client accordingly and notify you immediately. We will also include nature of call, callers name and number or any other information useful for you. Messages can be send by email or text message according to your instructions.


Sounds like you run a full office with own staff. Can be combined with phone and fax line provision and company address.